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Concierge Medical Practices

Webinar—Intermediate 1120S
Solving S Corporation Problems

This is a set of videos totaling 100 minutes.

CPE Verification Page

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S Corporations Intro Video

Wage and Compensation Issues

  • Loans to Shareholders
  • Reasonable Wage
  • Auto Policy and Health Insurance
  • Sample W-2 Reporting Auto/Health Correctly
  • Retirement Plan Contributions
  • Charitable Contributions-
  • Home Office

Distribution and Basis Issues

  • The Golden Rule
  • Section 351 Tax Free Exchanges
  • Calculating Beginning Balance Sheet
  • Ending Balance Sheet
  • Schedule M-1 Tie Return to Books
  • Schedule M-2 Undistributed Income
  • BIG Tax
  • External Basis
  • Example of Excess Distributions—Debt Relief
  • Example of Excess Distributions—Loan to Shareholder
  • My Favorite Treasury Decision