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Household Worker's Payroll Taxes

Why Should You Attend?

  • Because the household worker will file for unemployment (despite what they agreed to when you hired them).
  • Because if you’re not declaring them and paying the tax, your homeowners insurance will not cover them when they are injured and you’ll lose your house.
  • Because the government classifies non-payment of payroll tax as tax evasion.
  • Because you will pay penalties you can’t afford.
  • Because you need to know if the babysitter should be on payroll or not.
  • Because household employment has weird rules, due dates and forms.

What We Will Cover:

  • Who is a household employee?
  • Practical examples with completed forms for a sample family.
  • We’ll sort out the blizzard of California and IRS forms you may have to file.
  • When do you have to withhold from payments to workers?
  • When and how do you send payments to the government?
  • “I ‘forgot’ to withhold”; how to gross up wages.
  • What records do you need to keep, and for how long?

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